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ASK NOW – A Ministry for Women. Hosted by Barb F. and Sara H.

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A cquiring His Insight

S eek His Presence

K now His Will

N ow is the Time

O pen Hearts, Open Minds

W orship! Wisdom! Wonders!

Purpose: Worship, Teaching, Prayer, Healing/Deliverance, Impartation

Dates & Location:

Every other Sunday at Westside Community Church – starting November 1st

Nov 1st, 15, 29, and Dec 13 – Our identity as Christians

Hebrews 13:18-21 Msg

18-21 Pray for us. We have no doubts about what we’re doing or why, but it’s hard going and we need your prayers. All we care about is living well before God. Pray that we may be together soon.May God, who puts all things together,
    makes all things whole,
Who made a lasting mark through the sacrifice of Jesus,
    the sacrifice of blood that sealed the eternal covenant,
Who led Jesus, our Great Shepherd,
    up and alive from the dead,
Now put you together, provide you
    with everything you need to please him,
Make us into what gives him most pleasure,
    by means of the sacrifice of Jesus, the Messiah.
All glory to Jesus forever and always!
    Oh, yes, yes, yes.